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Svensk Maffia gives a unique insight into the gang crime which constitutes a growing threat to Swedish society. Although the authorities took have taken a hard line, Hells Angels, Bandidos and others gangs continue to grow. Their crime affects individuals and entrepreneurs - and the men and women who are just trying to do their job. The increased competition between gangs weighs a human life easy. Young men who recently were boys are executed in cold blood, often without anyone having to be held accountable.

Svensk Maffia - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: Swedish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-01-27

Svensk Maffia - Brödraskapet - Netflix

Brödraskapet (Swedish for The Brotherhood), shortend BSK, is a Swedish prison gang that was founded on May 27, 1995 by inmates inside the maximum security prison in Kumla, Sweden. The police in Sweden consider The Brotherhood to be a criminal organization in regards to the EU criteria for organized crime.

Svensk Maffia - Background - Netflix

In 1993, stricter rules were implemented in the Swedish prison system. Among the changes, the possibility for early parole was abolished. In accordance with a tougher view on crime in Swedish society, more persons received prison sentences and the sentences also got longer. This increased the pressure on the prison system and created a tougher environment in Swedish prisons, especially inside the larger security prisons like Kumla, Hall and Tidaholm.

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