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STV has confirmed details of a live TV debate with the leaders of the four main political parties in Scotland ahead of the General Election in June.\ \ Scotland Debates will feature SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon MSP; Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson MSP; leader of the Scottish Labour Party Kezia Dugdale MSP; and Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP.\ \ The debate will be chaired by STV's political editor, Bernard Ponsonby, and broadcast live from the Tramway theatre in Glasgow on Wednesday 24 May between 2030 and 2200, in front of an audience of 150 comprising a representative sample of the Scottish electorate.

Scotland Debates - Netflix

Type: News

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2017-05-24

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A number of songs are used as Scottish anthems, most notably “Flower of Scotland”, “Caledonia”, “Scotland the Brave” and “Scots Wha Hae”. In 2004, lawyers for the devolved Scottish Parliament advised that it was within the legal competence of the Scottish Parliament to choose a national anthem for Scotland, countering the suggestion that it would be a matter reserved to the Parliament of the United Kingdom. This ruling prompted some interest in the idea, and a petition to the Scottish Parliament's petitions committee supported by the Scottish Green Party was referred without recommendation to the Scottish Executive, but they decided to take no action, considering the issue not to be a political priority. There have been subsequent attempts to re-open the debate on a national anthem for Scotland.

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At most international sporting events Scotland uses “Flower of Scotland” as its national anthem. These events include matches of the Scottish national football team and the Scottish rugby union team. The song has also been used as the victory anthem of Scotland at the Commonwealth Games since 2010, replacing “Scotland the Brave”.

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