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Sky Arts introduces a new interview series with a unique twist: there is no interviewer. In a series of unusual and illuminating pairings, Living the Life gives unprecedented access to an hour's conversation between two successful personalities. Bill Wyman, Caitlin Moran, Leslie Philips, Sir Ian Botham and Britt Ekland are just some of the names to feature in the new series which, through shared experience and conversation, offers a revealing account of their careers, their childhoods, the onset of success and the effects of living their lives in the public eye.

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-11-06

Living the Life - Living My Life (album) - Netflix

Living My Life is the sixth studio album by Grace Jones, released in 1982. It was the last of three albums she recorded at the Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas.

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The urban-flavoured “Nipple to the Bottle” and reggae-oriented “The Apple Stretching” were released simultaneously as lead singles. “Nipple to the Bottle” received a worldwide release, becoming a highly popular dance track in the US, as well as a top three hit in New Zealand. The latter was not released in the North America and achieved only moderate success in Europe. Three more singles were then simultaneously released in January 1983, of which “My Jamaican Guy” turned out the most successful. “Cry Now, Laugh Later”, released only in the US and Canada, and “Unlimited Capacity for Love” did not chart. In 2010 “Inspiration” was remixed to a 7:14 “Leroc Sportif Edit” and released as a one-track digital only single in February.

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