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Frontline is a satirical comedy on Current Affairs. From the anchor Mike Moore who believes he does all the work (but just reads the autocue) to the egotistic reporter Brooke Vandenberg and the troubles of the other staff (not to mention horrible Friday Night Entertainer Elliot Rhodes) After two years, the show did a thing related only to sci-fi programs, by skipping forward a number of years. The show, however, maintained it's high quality and is one of the Top Australian shows ever made. From Season 2 onwards, there are no specific writing credits as Cilauro, Kennedy, Sitch and Gleisner wrote in practically all episodes.

Frontline - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1994-05-09

Frontline - Frontline (Australian TV series) - Netflix

Frontline is an Australian comedy television series which satirised Australian television current affairs programmes and reporting. It ran for three series of 13 half-hour episodes and was broadcast on ABC TV in 1994, 1995, and 1997.

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Frontline frequently featured celebrity cameos, unusually including major Australian politicians appearing as themselves, often but not always as interviewees. The most memorable appearance is that of Pauline Hanson in “The Shadow We Cast” (series 3), in which she turns her famous “please explain?” phrase on Mike. Noel Pearson appears as an interviewee later in the same episode. Other appearances include: John Hewson in “The Soufflé Rises” (series 1); Pat Cash in “The Desert Angel”; Cheryl Kernot in “We Ain't Got Dames” (series 1); Ben Elton, Bert Newton; Amanda Keller and Anne Fulwood in “This Night of Nights” (series 1); Glenn Ridge in “Add Sex and Stir” and “Office Mole” (series 2); Glenn Robbins and Molly Meldrum in “Add Sex and Stir”; George Negus in “Add Sex and Stir” and “Dick on the Line” (series 3); and Ian Baker-Finch in “A Hole in the Heart”. Harry Shearer appeared in the series 2 episode “Changing the Face of Current Affairs”, where he played the character of Larry Hadges. Merv Hughes also starred in the series 2 episode “Workin' Class Man”. Other guest stars appeared in mock-ups of their own shows: Mike Moore appeared on fictitious episodes of Burke's Backyard with Don Burke, Rex Hunt's fishing show, and The AFL Footy Show with Sam Newman. Stuart Littlemore, who at the time was hosting the media commentary show Media Watch, appeared in several fictitious episodes as a critic of Frontline.

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